Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A bag of chips and all that?!

My sweet little girl had a birthday last week and received this clever package in the mail (along with a beautiful tutu bag embroidered with her name).

Well, it's just a shiny envelope you say?!  Oh, don't be fooled by my crafty Aunt Judy...this is no ordinary envelope!

It's a bag of chips!!!!  How cool is that?  Who needs all those expensive Tyvek envelopes now?  Just use the food saver (or shipping tape) to seal the end of that bag of chips after you have turned it inside out.  The perfect way to save money and room in the landfill.

By the way, baby girl LOVES the gift!  Thank you Aunt Jude! I was the nerd that took pictures of the bag it came in!
Happy creating.