Friday, January 20, 2012

12 pages in less than 4 hours...My Stickease are My Friend :)

WOW!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE My Stickease!!!!!!!

I know that many people think layouts take forever long to create and only hold a few pictures; I am here to remind you that it doesn't have to be that way.  I am not a patient crafter!  (Just ask my friend Nicole.) I love using these stickers because you not only have fast embellishments but pictures of suggested layouts on the reverse side of the backing.  (You can also find the pictures of the layouts online at and use the how to books that are suggested on the stickease.)  I just followed the layouts exactly and put the photos on that I liked. (I did change the photo sizes because I only had 4 X 6 photos printed.)

I have Darby to thank for really turning me on to the My Stickease.  I had used them for other projects before but never used them to make the layouts.  One month Darby came to club with the previous month's pages done and 8 additional pages!  I was impressed and she said...I just used the stickers.  Well, that was one big ah ha moment for me.  WHY was I not using those stickers!!! Anyway, I did 4 wedding pages (circa 2003), 4 Oliver baby pages (circa 2004) and 4 winter pages (ARIZONA winter pages circa 2010).  Feeling proud and a little misty after looking at my sweet baby boy.  Here are the finished pages:

After I put the pages together I decided to go ahead and add extra embellishments.  I used some paper flowers, the bliss level 2 assortment, pearls and mocha opaques.  Bliss is no longer available but Wonderland and Dreamin' are available for purchase at my shopping site.  (Sweet home, mistletoe, hooligans and sweetheart stickease are available for $1-$3 in the clearance section for retired product; just click the while supplies tab while shopping at my site.) If you haven't tried my Stickease today is the day!  How can you say no to those clearance prices and speedy yet gorgeous and detailed pages.
happy scrappin'
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to post your layouts using MyStickease here!

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  1. You know, sometimes us artsy types get a little snobby with "stickers". Really, if we think of My Stickease as ARTWORK in themselves, it takes some of that attitude away so we can finish some derned pages. TFS!