Friday, December 14, 2012

I have been under cover for a few months. :) I'm currently posing as a college student! The classes have been intense and very interesting, however, I am finally nearing the end of my first semester back in school (after a VERY long break) and looking forward to some free time! E (my 5 year old) and I made the advent calendar last weekend...yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it was mid month...the kids have been rushing downstairs each morning to see what is in the treat box for them! (Hint: it's always chocolate.) Speaking of chocolates :) When I ordered the Advent Calendar Workshop on the go kit...which was really easy and fun (you also need the Artiste Cricut Cartridge to cut the boxes out)... I also ordered the Whooo's your Valentine Kit. Sneak peek of new goodies for spring!!! Cute owls, glitter paper, oh my! Get your hands on one I am sure that they will sell out before the end of January. Here's a video with the kit it is even better in person. Well I'm back into deep cover for a week or so...last final is Monday! Statistics?! Why, at nearly 40, am I learning inferential statistics?! Seriously though, I am so happy to be finishing what I started so long ago. :) Life is definitely a winding road. Happy Crafting, Amy