Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home Decor Kit and I am in LOVE!!!!

This new kit comes with a cute stamp set, the frame, the mini clothespins and the kraft cardstock shapes.
I used the picture from the Idea book for inspiration and some random pictures from family events and trips in the past 6 months.

Here is the 'big picture':

I also used Pacifica Ink and White Daisy Ink to stamp the images.  I traced around the pennant shapes with a black marker and outlined some of the white daisy arrows for more definition.

A close up with some of the shapes more visible:

The mini clothespins are great because I feel that I can easily change up the look without too much effort and I could reuse the pictures on pages in my albums.  The new Artbooking Cricut collection has the Polaroid-type shape so I could recreate that same look or try something else...who knows what I will do?  (Probably leave it because I really like how it turned out.) :-)

Cute clothespins:

The kit also includes extra tags and banner pieces so you can change the title or embellish the photos.  I prefer to keep things simple and easy.  The entire project from start to finish...including thinking time for what color, photos, etc. took about 2 hours.  I first chose pictures, then color palette, trimmed photos, stamped images, used Tombow permanent adhesive to attach photos to frame shapes, added the string to the banner/title, decided to outline the white daisy stamped images, arranged the title on the top of the frame and used glue dots to secure it, realized that I put the title on upside down (the little hanger thingy was on the bottom!), removed the title, reattached it the correct way, arranged the photos and clipped it all together.  Done!

A better view of the embellishing shapes:

Whew!  It sounds more complicated than it was.  I hope you got a giggle from my wee mistake!  It happens to all of us I assume?

Your mission?  Enjoy and share a link to your latest home decor items.
Stay safe out there agent scrappers!
Amy AKA Agent Reverso

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