Saturday, September 1, 2012

Studio J using Heritage Photos

My mom and I went to Chicago a few weeks ago and spent some time scrapbooking and shopping. While we were there she gave me some digital copies of old photographs she recovered from her aunt. The pictures bring back so many fond memories for her and help me to feel more connected to people that are no longer living. I also love seeing pictures of my mom, aunts and uncles as children! I hope you enjoy looking at the layouts as much I enjoyed creating them. (Thanks to Studio J I only needed the digital copy and the photos will be preserved in my Album and as a digital copy in case I need to replace them or make copies...hmmm can we say Christmas anyone?!)
These are the first and last pages in the album.

The text is hard to read but these are different pictures of my grandmother 
and her siblings when she was young.

Great-great grandma, great grandma, grandma and mom! 

These are such cool pictures of my grandma with my aunt and is just a few months along. :)

The women in our family didn't have much luck in love but they kept trying and I admire the passion!

The picture in the middle is so adorable!

I love my momma! :)

Hope you enjoyed a peek :)  If you have some old pictures lying in a box try to get them scanned as soon as possible.  You don't need to do anything with the file right away but you will have frozen the image as it is and won't lose any more clarity, color, etc.  The larger the file size when you scan the better.  These pictures will be a bit blurry when they print but they are still precious to me. :)

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